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AInji AflatounGhada AmerKamal AminEvelyn...

George Bahgoury

George-BahgouryGeorge Bahgoury

George Abdel Masih Al Bahgoury or George Bahgoury جورج البهجورى is...

Chafik Charobim

Chafik-CharobimChafik Charobim

Chafik Charobim (November 4, 1894 in Cairo – 1975), is a well known...

Georges Hanna Sabbagh

Georges-Hanna-SabbaghGeorges Hanna Sabbagh

Georges Hanna Sabbagh (1877–1951) was an Egyptian and French...

Evelyn Ashamallah

Evelyn-AshamallahEvelyn Ashamallah

Evelyn Ashamallah (Arabic: إيفيلين عشم الله‎) is a female...

Hussein Bicar

Hussein-BicarHussein Bicar

Hussein Amin Bicar (1913 in Alexandria – November 2002) is one of Egypt’s most...

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