B, Northwestern Botswana

Aha Hills

Aha-Hills_ton-800Aha Hills

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Straddling the Botswana–Namibia border, the 700-million-year-old limestone and dolomite Aha Hills rise 300m...

Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo-Hills-800Tsodilo Hills

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Tsodilo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) located in northwestern Botswana.[1] It gained its WHS listing...

Gcwihaba, Drotsky's, Cave

Drotskys_ton-800Gcwihaba, Drotsky's,  Cave

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In 1932 a group of San showed Gcwihaba (meaning ‘hyena’s hole’) to a farmer named...

Lake Ngami

Lake-Ngami_to-800Lake Ngami

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Arriving at the shores of Lake Ngami in 1849, Dr David Livingstone witnessed a magnificent expanse of water...