The South & Southeast

Île aux Aigrettes

le-aux-AigrettesÎle aux Aigrettes

The Mauritius Fody (Foudia rubra) is a rare species of bird in the weaver family. It is endemic to the island of Mauritius...

Bambous Virieux

Bambous-Virieux-800Bambous Virieux

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This small settlement is the site of a pioneering project to restore the mangroves that were destroyed by...

- The South & Southeast

The-South--Southeast_tonemappedThe South & Southeast

With brilliant flashes of India, Ireland and the Caribbean, the wild unfolding south is an undeniable favourite for...

Bel-Ombre, Mauritius

Bel-Ombre-Mauritius-800Bel-Ombre, Mauritius

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Bel-Ombre is a village in Mauritius located in Savanne District. The village is administered by the...

Baie du Cap

Baie-du-Cap_tonemapped-800Baie du Cap

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The coastline between Baie du Cap and the stunning Le Morne Peninsula is some of the most beautiful in the...

Île des deux Cocos

le-des-deux-Cocos-800Île des deux Cocos

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Also known as Île aux deux Cocos, the island, located off the southern coast of Grand Port, is named...

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