N, Southern Namibia

Arnhem Cave

Arnhem-Cave_toArnhem Cave

With a subterranean length of 4.5km, Arnhem Cave is the longest cave system in Namibia. Formed in a layer of limestone and...



The lonely ranching area around Dordabis is the heart of Namibia’s karakul country, and supports several sheep farms and weaveries...

Aus, Namibia

Aus-800Aus, Namibia

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Aus is a village in Karas Region in southern Namibia. It lies on a railway line and the B4 national road...

Duwisib Castle

Duwisib-Castle_tonemapped-800Duwisib Castle

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Duwisib Castle, sometimes spelt Duwiseb or Duweseb, is a grand pseudo-medieval looking fortress in the...



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With a 2km-wide crater, this extinct volcano (1586m) dominates the skyline between Mariental and Keetmanshoop...

Fish River Canyon National Park

Fish-River-Canyon-National-Park_tonemapped-800Fish River Canyon National Park

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The Fish River Canyon is located in the south of Namibia. It is the second largest...

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