South African painters

- South African painters

South-African-painters-800South African painters

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AChrysoula ArgyrosBCecil Kenneth...

Ayanda Mabulu

Ayanda-Mabulu-800Ayanda Mabulu

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Ayanda Mabulu (born in 1981) is a South African artist mostly...

Alexis Preller

Alexis-PrellerAlexis Preller

Alexis Preller (6 September 1911 – 13 December 1975) was a South African...

Bobs Cogill Haworth

Bobs-Cogill-HaworthBobs Cogill Haworth

Bobs Cogill Haworth (1900–1988) was a South African-born Canadian...

Ansel Krut

Ansel-KrutAnsel Krut

Ansel Krut (born 1959), Cape Town, South Africa is a painter who lives and works in...

Caesar Carl Hans Henkel

Caesar-Carl-Hans-Henkel_to-800aCaesar Carl Hans Henkel

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Caesar Carl Hans Henkel (1839 Fulda, Hesse -...

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