Z, Northern Zambia

Bangweulu Wetlands

Bangweulu-Wetlands-800Bangweulu Wetlands

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The Bangweulu Wetlands is a watery wilderness of lakes, seasonally flooded grasslands, swamp and...

Kasama, Zambia

Kasama_tonemapped-800Kasama, Zambia

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Kasama is the capital of the Northern Province of Zambia, situated on the central-southern African plateau...

Chisimba Falls

Chisimba-Falls_tonemapped-800Chisimba Falls

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The Luombe River 7.2 km from Chilubula Mission in Kasama District makes a beautiful water fall called...

Kasanka National Park

Kasanka-National-Park-800Kasanka National Park

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Kasanka National Park is a park located in the Serenje District of Zambia’s Central Province. At...

Kabwelume Falls

Kabwelume-Falls_tonemapped-800Kabwelume Falls

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Kabwelume Falls is a waterfall on the Kalungwishi River in the Northern Province of Zambia. The falls is...

Lavushi-Manda National Park

NP-Lavushi-Manda_to-aLavushi-Manda National Park

The wildlife population of Lavushi Manda National Park, originally created to protect the black rhino population...

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