Sierra Leone, Map and Info

- Sierra Leone, Map and Info

Sierra-Leone-_tonemapped-800Sierra Leone, Map and Info

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Sierra Leone (i/sɪˈɛərə lɪˈoʊnɪ/ or /lɪˈoʊn/),[6] officially the Republic of Sierra...



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Bonthe is a coastal town located on Sherbro Island in Bonthe District in the southern Province of Sierra Leone. The...

Banana Islands

Banana-Islands-800Banana Islands

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The Banana Islands lie south west of the Freetown Peninsula in Sierra Leone. The two main islands, Dublin...

Bunce Island

Bunce-Island_tonemapped-800Bunce Island

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Bunce Island (also spelled "Bence," "Bense," or "Bance" at different periods) is the site of an 18th-century...

Bo, Sierra Leone

bo_tonemapped-800Bo, Sierra Leone

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Bo also commonly referred to as Bo Town, is the second largest city in Sierra Leone (after Freetown) and...



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Freetown is the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. It is a major port city in the Atlantic Ocean and is...

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