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Cape-Verde-800Cape Verde

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Cape Verde i/ˌkeɪp ˈvɜrd/ (Portuguese: Cabo Verde, pronounced: [ˈkabu ˈveɾdɨ]), officially the...

Cidade Velha

Cidade-Velha_tonemappedCidade Velha

Cidade Velha (Portuguese for "old city"), or simply Sidadi in Cape Verdean Creole, is a city located 15 km from Praia (Cape...



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Assomada (in Cape Verdean Creole: Somada) is the county seat of the municipality of Santa Catarina, which...



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Espargos is the capital city of the island municipality of Sal, Cape Verde and is also in the heart of the...

Brava, Cape Verde

BravaBrava, Cape Verde

Brava (Portuguese for “wild”) is an island in Cape Verde. It is the smallest inhabited island, but at the same time the...

Maio, Cape Verde

Maio-Cape-Verde-800Maio, Cape Verde

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Maio (in Cape Verdean Creole: Dja r’ Mai) is the easternmost of the Sotavento islands of Cape Verde...

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