Botswana, Map and Info

- Botswana, Map, Info

Botswana-map_tonemapped-800Botswana, Map, Info

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Botswana /bɒtswɑːnə/, officially the Republic of Botswana (Tswana: Lefatshe la Botswana), is a...



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This small village just north of Ghanzi is home to a large community of Ncoakhoe San who operate an art gallery...

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Central-Kalahari-Game-Reserve_tonemapped-800Central Kalahari Game Reserve

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Central Kalahari Game Reserve is an extensive national park in the Kalahari desert of...



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Francistown is the second largest city in Botswana, with a population of about 100,079 and 150,800 inhabitants...

Chobe National Park

Chobe-National-Park_tonemapped-800Chobe National Park

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Chobe National Park, in northern Botswana, has one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa. By...



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Gaborone (Tswana IPA: [χabʊˈrʊnɪ][missing tone]; English /ˌɡæbəˈroʊniː/ GA-bə-ROH-nee) is the...

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