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Gabon (/ɡəˈbɒn/; French pronunciation: ​[ɡabɔ̃]), officially the Gabonese Republic (French: République Gabonaise) is a...

Gamba & Setté Cama

Gamba_tonemapped-800Gamba & Setté Cama

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Gamba is a small town in Gabon lying on the southern bay of the Ndogo Lagoon. Historically, the...



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Cocobeach is a town in northwestern Gabon, lying on the south bank of the Muni River. It is the capital of the...

Ivindo National Park

Ivindo-National-Park_tonemapped-800Ivindo National Park

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Ivindo National Park is a national park in east-central Gabon in west central Africa. It is bisected...



Franceville is one of the four largest cities in Gabon, with a population of around 56,000 (2010, approx.) people. It lies on the...



Lambaréné is the capital of the political district Moyen-Ogooué in Gabon. The city counts 24,000 inhabitants and is located 75...

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