Northern Mozambique

- Northern Mozambique

Northern-Mozambique-800Northern Mozambique

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If southern Mozambique’s lures are the accessible beaches and relaxing resorts, in the north it’s...

Chocas, Cabaceira Pequena, Cabaceira Grande & Mossuril

Cabaceira_tonemapped-800Chocas, Cabaceira Pequena, Cabaceira Grande & Mossuril

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North of Mozambique Island and across Mossuril Bay is the old...



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Angoche, an old Muslim trading centre dating from at least the 15th century, was one of the earliest settlements...



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Cuamba is a city and district of Niassa Province in Mozambique, lying north west of Mount Namuli. Before...



t was in the large village of Chai that Frelimo’s military campaign against colonial rule began in 1964. There’s a small monument...

Goa Island

Goa-Island_tonemapped-800Goa Island

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This tiny island (known locally as Watólofu) is about 5km east of Mozambique Island. It has a lighthouse that...

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