Réunion, The West

- Reunion, The West

The-West_tonemapped-800Reunion, The West

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Welcome to Réunion's Sunshine Coast, or Réunion's Riviera, or the leeward coast. However you label it...

Dos d’Ane

Dos-dAne_tonemapped-800Dos d’Ane

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After braving St-Denis' busy streets and before tackling the seaside resorts further south, a drive up to the...

Bas Mafate

Bas-Mafate_tonemapped-800Bas Mafate

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After (or before) a loop in the Haut Mafate, you might want to explore the Bas Mafate, which is even more...



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L'Entre-Deux (French for The Between-Two) is a commune on the French island and department of Réunion. The...

Boucan Canot

Boucan-Canot-800Boucan Canot

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In this attitude-fuelled little resort town dubbed the Réunionnais St-Tropez, the obvious focus is the...

La Saline-les-Bains

La-Saline-les-BainsLa Saline-les-Bains

If you find the scene in St-Gilles and L'Hermitage a little too much, head to La Saline-les-Bains. Though immediately to...

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