Panama tribes

- Panama tribes

Panama-tribes_tonemappedPanama tribes

The Indigenous peoples of Panama are the native peoples of Panama...

Kuna people

Kuna-people_ton-800Kuna people

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Guna, also known as Kuna or Cuna is the name of an indigenous people...

Emberá people

Ember-people_tone-800Emberá people

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The Emberá people  listen (help·info), also known in the...

Naso people

Naso-people_ton-800Naso people

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The Naso or Teribe people (also Tjër Di) are an indigenous people...



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The Embera–Wounaan is a semi-nomadic indigenous people in...

Ngäbe people

Ngbe-people_ton-800Ngäbe people

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The Ngäbe or Guaymí people are an indigenous group living mainly...

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