Mexico tribes

- Mexico tribes

Mexico-tribes_tone-800Mexico tribes

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Mexico, in the second article of its Constitution...

Chatino people

Chatino-people_tonChatino people

Chatino is the Spanish name of an indigenous people of southern central Mexico, and also...

Amuzgo people

Amuzgo-people_ton-800Amuzgo people

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The Amuzgo people are an indigenous group which primarily lives...

Chichimeca Jonaz people

Chichimeca-Jonaz-people_ton-800Chichimeca Jonaz people

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The Chichimeca Jonaz are a group of indigenous...

Awakatek people

Awakatek-people_ton-800Awakatek people

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The Awakatek (Aguacateco) are a Maya people in Guatemala...

Chontal Maya people

Chontal-Maya-people_toChontal Maya people

The Chontal Maya are an indigenous people of the Mexican state of...

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