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Argentina has 35 indigenous groups or...

Diaguita people

Diaguita-people_tonemDiaguita people

The Diaguita peoples are a group of South American indigenous peoples native to the...

Alacalufe people

Alacalufe-people_tonemappedAlacalufe people

The Kawésqar or Kaweskar, also called Alacaluf or Halakwulup (meaning "mussel...

Huarpe people

Huarpe-people_toneHuarpe people

The Huarpes or Warpes are indigenous inhabitants of Cuyo, in Argentina. Some...

Atacama people

Atacama-people_tonemappedAtacama people

The Atacameños (also called Atacamas or Likan-antay) are a Native American people...

Mapuche people

Mapuche-people_toneMapuche people

The Mapuche are a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile and southwestern...

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