Bolivia tribes

- Bolivia tribes

Bolivia-tribes-800Bolivia tribes

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Indigenous peoples in Bolivia are Bolivian...

Chipaya people

Chipaya-peopleChipaya people

Chipaya is a village in Bolivia located in the Sabaya Province (formerly Atahuallpa...

Aymara people

Aymara-people_to-800Aymara people

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The Aymara or Aimara (Aymara: aymara  listen (help·info)) are...

Chiquitano people

Chiquitano-people-800Chiquitano people

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The Chiquitano are a native ethnic group living primarily in...

Bororo people

Bororo-people_toBororo people

The Bororo people are an indigenous people of Brazil, living in the state of Mato...

Ese Ejja people

Ese-Ejja-people_tonemappedEse Ejja people

The Ese Ejja are an indigenous people of Bolivia and Peru, in the southwestern Amazon...

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