Guyana tribes

- Guyana tribes

Guyana-tribes_tonemappedGuyana tribes

Indigenous peoples in GuyanaFrom Wikipedia, the free...

Kalina people

Kalina-people-800Kalina people

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The Kalina, also known as the Caribs, mainland Caribs and...

Akawaio people

Akawaio-people_to-800Akawaio people

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The Akawaio are an indigenous people who live in Roraima...

Macushi people

Macushi-people_ton-800Macushi people

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The Macushi (Portuguese: Macuxi) are an indigenous people living in...

Arawak peoples

Arawak-peoplesArawak peoples

The Aruwaks people are one of the tribes of indigenous peoples of the Caribbean...

Orealla people

Orealla_tonemappedOrealla people

Orealla (or Orealla Mission) is an Native Indian community in the East Berbice-Corentyne...

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