Guyanese painters

- Guyanese painters

Guyanese-painters-800Guyanese painters

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BFrank BowlingEdward Rupert BurrowesFMarlon...

Edward Rupert Burrowes

Edward-Rupert-BurrowesEdward Rupert Burrowes

Edward Rupert Burrowes (1903–1966) was an artist and art teacher...

Aubrey Williams

Aubrey-Williams-800Aubrey Williams

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Aubrey Williams (8 May 1926 — 17 April 1990) was a...

Frank Bowling

Frank-Bowling-800Frank Bowling

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Richard Sheridan Franklin Bowling, known as Frank Bowling, OBE...

Bernadette Persaud

Bernadette-Persaud-800Bernadette Persaud

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Bernadette Indira Persaud (born 1946) is a Guyanese...

George Simon

George-Simon--800George Simon

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George Simon (born 23 April 1947)...

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