Suriname tribes

- Suriname tribes

Suriname-tribesSuriname tribes

Indigenous peoples in Suriname are Surinamese people who are of...

Kalina people

Kalina-people_tonemappedKalina people

The Kalina, also known as the Caribs, mainland Caribs and several other names...

Akurio people

AkurioAkurio people

The Akurio are an indigenous people, living in Suriname. They are hunter-gatherers...

Tiriyó people

Tiriy-peopleTiriyó people

The Tiriyó (also known as Trio) usually call themselves tarëno...

Arawak peoples

Arawak-peoples_to-800Arawak peoples

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The Aruwaks people are one of the tribes of indigenous peoples...

Warao people

Warao-people_tonemappedWarao people

The Warao are an indigenous people inhabiting northeastern Venezuela and western...

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