Uruguay national parks

Arequita National Park - Lavalleja

Arequita-National-Park_toneArequita National Park - Lavalleja

Arequita National Park is located in the Department of Lavalleja, 10 km north the department capital...

Crows Ravine (Quebrada de los Cuervos) - Treinta-y-Tres

Crows-Ravine_tone-800Crows Ravine (Quebrada de los Cuervos) - Treinta-y-Tres

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Close to Treinta-y-Tres. Largest canyon in Uruguay, with...

Cabo Polonio - Rocha

Cabo-Polonio---Rocha_toCabo Polonio - Rocha

Famous for its huge sand dunes. Actually a severely over-grazed coastal area, with very little coastal bush remaining...

Esteros de Farrapos National Park - Rio Negro

Esteros-de-Farrapos-National-Park_to-800Esteros de Farrapos National Park - Rio Negro

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A new National Park Esteros de Farrapos and Islands of River Uruguay, which...

Castillos Lagoon - Rocha

Castillos-Lagoon---Rocha_toneCastillos Lagoon - Rocha

Freshwater lagoon. Many bird species. Impressive remnants of Palm Forest (Butia) on the western shore. An unusual...

Garzon Lagoon - Rocha & Maldonado

Garzon-Lagoon---Rocha--Maldonado_to-800Garzon Lagoon - Rocha & Maldonado

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Semi-fresh lagoon. Easy access from the up-market resort town of Jose Ignacio (Ruta 10)...

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