Venezuela tribes

- Venezuela tribes

Venezuela-tribes_tonemappedVenezuela tribes

Indigenous peoples in Venezuela form about 1.5% of the total...

Motilon people

Motilon-people_ton-800Motilon people

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The Motilone, or Bari are names of a Native American...

Baniwa people

Baniwa-people_to-800Baniwa people

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Baniwa (also known with local variants as Baniva, Baniua...

Pemon people

Pemon-people_tone-800Pemon people

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The Pemon or Pemón (Pemong) are an indigenous people of South America...

Kali'na people

Kalina-peopleKali'na people

The Kali'na, also known as the Karib, Kaliña, Galibi,[1] Kalina, Karina...

Warao people

Warao-people_to-800Warao people

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The Warao are an indigenous people inhabiting northeastern...

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