C, Interamericana Norte

- Costa Rica, Interamericana Norte

Interamericana-Norte-800Costa Rica, Interamericana Norte

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Despite Tico speed demons and lumbering big rigs, the Interamericana, which bisects the...

Bahía Salinas

Baha-Salinas_ton-800Bahía Salinas

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Bahía Salinas is not just the best place in all of Costa Rica for kitesurfing, it's also a stunning, under...

Area de Conservacion Guanacaste

Conservacion-Guanacaste_t-800Area de Conservacion Guanacaste

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Among the oldest (established in 1971) and largest protected areas in Costa Rica, this...

Cañas, Costa Rica

Canas_tonem-800Cañas, Costa Rica

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If you’re cruising north on the Interamericana, Cañas is the first town of any size in Costa...



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This small town is about 22km northwest of Cañas on the Interamericana, and is the headquarters of the Area de...

Juntas, Costa Rica

Juntas_tone-800Juntas, Costa Rica

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Las Juntas de Abangares is a small town on the Río Abangares that was the center of the gold-mining...

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