G, Lago de Izabal

- Guatemala, Lago de Izabal

Lago-de-Izabal_tone-800Guatemala, Lago de Izabal

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Guatemala's largest lake, to the north of Hwy 9, is starting to earn its place on the travelers'...

El Estor

El-Estor_tonemappedEl Estor

El Estor is a municipality in the Izabal department of Guatemala.

Before roads and railroads, Lake Izabal was the link between Alta...

Dulce River, Guatemala

Dulce-River-Guatemala_t-800Dulce River, Guatemala

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Dulce River (Spanish: Río Dulce, or "Sweet River") is a river in Guatemala, completely contained...

Finca El Paraíso

Finca-El-Paraso_to-800Finca El Paraíso

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On the north side of the lake, between Río Dulce and El Estor, Finca El Paraíso makes a great day trip...

El Boquerón

El-Boquern_tone-800El Boquerón

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This beautiful, lushly vegetated canyon abutting the tiny Maya settlement of the same name is about 6km east...