N, Northern Highlands

- Northern Highlands

Northern-Highlands_tone-800Northern Highlands

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Nicaragua’s scenery soars into the misty cloud forests of the Northern Highlands, where three ancient...

San Juan de Limay

San-Juan-de-Limay_to-800San Juan de Limay

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San Juan de Limay's cobblestone and brick streets seemingly appear from the dust 44km west of Estelí to...



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It would be hard to dream up a sweeter setting than what you’ll find in this tiny mountain pueblo 20km north of...

San Rafael del Norte

San-Rafael-del-Norte_to-800San Rafael del Norte

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One of the highest towns in Nicaragua, charming San Rafael del Norte is surrounded by soaring...



A Sandinista stronghold, a university town, a market center for the thousands of farmers that populate its surrounding hills, Estelí...

San Ramón

San-Ramn_tone-800San Ramón

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Only 12km from Matagalpa, the small town of San Ramon feels a world away with small-town pleasantries and a...

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