San Carlos, Solentiname & Río San Juan

Boca de Sábalos

Boca-de-Sbalos_ton-800Boca de Sábalos

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It feels like that thick jungle looming on its edges is about to reclaim this muddy, dusty town set at...

San Carlos

San-Carlos_to-800San Carlos

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The capital of the isolated Río San Juan department is the gateway to some of Nicaragua’s most compelling...

El Castillo

El-Castillo-800El Castillo

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Cute, compact and crowned with its stunning 17th-century Spanish fortress, it's no surprise that diminutive El...

San Fernando, Elvis Chavarría

San-Fernando_ton-800San Fernando, Elvis Chavarría

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With even fewer people, tranquil San Fernando has comfortable accommodation, delicious...

La Esperanza, Nicaragua

La-Esperanza_tone-800La Esperanza, Nicaragua

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The first major settlement after passing under the La Fe bridge, La Esperanza is a typical Río...

San Miguelito

San-Miguelito_tonemappedSan Miguelito

Most travelers miss this mellow lakeside fishing community and gateway to the region’s newest and least-visited reserve, the...