Southwestern Nicaragua

- Southwestern Nicaragua

Southwestern-Nicaragua_t-800Southwestern Nicaragua

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Southwestern Nicaragua's Pacific beaches offer amazing surf, sand and sun. To get to the Tola...

Isla de Ometepe

Isla-de-Ometepe_to-800Isla de Ometepe

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Ometepe never fails to impress. Its twin volcanic peaks, rising up out of Lago de Nicaragua, have captured...

El Astillero

El-Astillero_tone-800El Astillero

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This picture-perfect fishing and lobstering village, fronting a gently scalloped white-sand beach, has just...



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Not just the ferry terminal for hourly boats from the mainland, Moyogalpa is the nerve center for Ometepe’s...

El Quino

El-Quino_tonem-800El Quino

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All buses headed to Playa Santo Domingo and Volcán Maderas stop in Altagracia, adding perhaps half an hour to...

Museos El Ceibo

Museos-El-Ceibo-800Museos El Ceibo

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About halfway between Esquipulas and San José del Sur, look for the turnoff to the island’s best...

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