P, Canal Zone

- Panama, Canal Zone

Canal-Zone_to-800Panama, Canal Zone

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The Canal Zone is home to a number of impressive attractions, especially if you’re into...

Parque Nacional Soberanía

Parque-Nacional-Soberana_t-800Parque Nacional Soberanía

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A few kilometers past Summit Botanical Gardens, across the border into Colón Province, the...



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A pleasant community of broad, curving streets, old wooden canal houses and leafy walks, Gamboa is an ideal base...

Summit Botanical Gardens

Summit-Botanical-Gardens_tSummit Botanical Gardens

Located 10km past the Miraflores Locks, Summit Botanical Gardens & Zoo was established in 1923 to introduce tropical...

Monumento Natural Isla Barro Colorado

Isla-Barro-Colorado_to-800Monumento Natural Isla Barro Colorado

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S. degenhardtii Again!antonsrkn

This lush island in the middle of Lago Gatún is the...