Colón Province

- Colón Province

colon_tonemapped-800Colón Province

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Colón is a province of Panama. The capital is the city of Colón.

This province has traditionally been...

Parque Nacional San Lorenzo

Parque-Nacional-San-Lorenzo_t-800Parque Nacional San Lorenzo

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Centered on the ruins of the crumbling Spanish colonial fortress of Fuerte San Lorenzo, the...

Colón, Panama

colon-a_tonemapped-800Colón, Panama

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Colón is a sea port on the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic) coast of Panama. The city lies near the Caribbean Sea...

Playa Blanca, Panama

Playa-Blanca_tonemappedPlaya Blanca, Panama

A 20-minute boat ride from Portobelo will bring you to this lovely white-sand beach, which fronts a tranquil cove and is...

Isla Grande, Panama

Isla-Grande-800Isla Grande, Panama

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Palm trees and white-sand beaches form the backdrop to this lovely little island, just 15km offshore...



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This Caribbean fishing village is so laid-back and languorous, it is incredible to ponder that it was once the...

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