Annapolis Valley & French Shore

- Annapolis Valley & French Shore

French-Shore_ton-800Annapolis Valley & French Shore

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Heading up the French Shore you'll be regularly waved to by the Stella Maris, the...

Brier Island

Brier-Island_to-800Brier Island

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Brier Island is an island in the Bay of Fundy in Digby County, Nova Scotia.

The island is the westernmost...

Annapolis Royal

Annapolis-Royal_ton-800Annapolis Royal

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Annapolis Royal is a small Canadian town located in the western part of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, and...

Canning, Nova Scotia

Canning-Nova-Scotia_to-800Canning, Nova Scotia

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Canning, Nova Scotia is a village in northeastern Kings County located at the crossroads of Route 221...

Bear River, Nova Scotia

Bear-River-NS_ton-800Bear River, Nova Scotia

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Bear River is a small village situated at the head of the tidewaters of the Bear River. The river...

Cape St. Mary's, Nova Scotia

Cape-St.-Marys-Nova-Scotia_to-800Cape St. Mary's, Nova Scotia

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Cape St. Mary's (French:Cap-Sainte-Marie) is a community in the Canadian province of Nova...

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