Eastern Shore

- Eastern Shore

Eastern-Shore_ton-800Eastern Shore

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If you want to escape into the fog, away from summer tourist crowds, this is the place to do it. Running from...

Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia

Sherbrooke-NS_ton-800Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia

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Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia (2011 population: 1,395[1]) is a Canadian rural community in Guysborough...

Canso, Nova Scotia

Canso-NS_ton-800Canso, Nova Scotia

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Canso is a Canadian community in Guysborough County, on the north-eastern tip of mainland Nova Scotia...

Tangier, Nova Scotia

Tangier-NS_to-800Tangier, Nova Scotia

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About 10km southwest of Taylor Head Provincial Park, Tangier is one of the best settings for kayaking...

Guysborough, Nova Scotia

Guysborough-NS_to-800Guysborough, Nova Scotia

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The Municipality of the District of Guysborough is a municipal district in Guysborough County...

Taylor Head Provincial Park

Taylor-Head-Provincial-Park_toTaylor Head Provincial Park

Taylor Head Beach is a Provincial Park in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is located southwest of Sheet Harbour.[1]