Quebec, North Shore

- Quebec, North Shore

North-Shore_ton-800Quebec, North Shore

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The Côte Nord (North Shore) comprises two regions: Manicouagan (stretching to Godbout) and Duplessis...

Godbout, Quebec

Godbout-Quebec_tone-800Godbout, Quebec

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Le monument Adélard-Godbout


Godbout is a village municipality in the Côte-Nord region of Quebec...



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Baie-Comeau (2011 city population 22,113; CA population 28,789) is a city located approximately 420 kilometres...

Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec

Havre-Saint-Pierre_to-800Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec

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Havre-Saint-Pierre is a town situated on Pointe-aux-Esquimaux, which is on the Quebec north...

Baie-Trinité, Quebec

Baie-Trinit-Quebec-800Baie-Trinité, Quebec

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Baie-Trinité (2011 Population 419) is a village in the Manicouagan Regional County Municipality in...

Île d’Anticosti, Anticosti Island

le-dAnticosti-800Île d’Anticosti, Anticosti Island

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Anticosti Island (French, Île d'Anticosti) is an island in Quebec, Canada, at the...

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