B, Around La Paz

Cañón de Palca

Can-de-Palca_ton-800Cañón de Palca

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The magnificent Palca Canyon (marked on topo sheets as Quebrada Chua Kheri) brings a slice of Grand...

Muela Del Diablo

Muela-Del-DiabloMuela Del Diablo

The prominent rock outcrop known as the Devil’s Molar is actually an extinct volcanic plug that rises between the Río...



The 5395m-high Cerro Chacaltaya peak atop a former glacier (it diminished over several decades and, tragically, had melted...



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While it’s no Machu Picchu or Tikal, a visit to the ruins of Tiwanaku (sometimes spelled Tiahuanaco or...



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The village of Mallasa is popular among paceños (people from La Paz) on weekends. Just east of Mallasa is La...

Valencia & Mecapaca

MecapacaValencia & Mecapaca

About 30km south of La Paz, and 15km from Mallasa, are two quaint, if increasingly urbanized, villages worth visiting for...

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