B, Chapare Region

- Bolivia, Chapare Region

Chapare-RegionBolivia, Chapare Region

The Chapare stretches out beyond the last peaks of the Andes into the dramatically different landscape of the upper...

Villa Tunari

Villa-Tunari_toneVilla Tunari

Strung out along the Cochabamba-Santa Cruz highway, Villa Tunari is a pleasant spot to relax, hike and swim in cool rivers, and...

Parque Nacional Carrasco

Parque-Nacional-Carrasco_toParque Nacional Carrasco

Created in 1988, this 622,600-hectare park has some of Bolivia’s most easily explored cloud forest. It skirts a...

Puerto Villarroel

Puerto-Villarroel_tonem-800Puerto Villarroel

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This muddy, tropical port on the Río Ichilo is a small settlement with tin-roofed houses raised off the...