B, Jesuit Mission Circuit

- Bolivia, Jesuit Mission Circuit

Jesuit-Mission_tonemappedBolivia, Jesuit Mission Circuit

The seven-town region of Las Misiones Jesuíticas hides some of Bolivia’s richest cultural and historic...

San Javier

San-JavierSan Javier

The first (or last, depending on which way you travel) settlement on the circuit, San Javier, founded in 1691, is the oldest...



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Sleepy ‘Conce’ is a dusty village with a friendly, quiet atmosphere in the midst of an agricultural and...

San José de Chiquitos

San-Jos-de-ChiquitosSan José de Chiquitos

An atmospheric place, San José de Chiquitos has the appeal of an old Western film set. The frontier town, complete...

San Ignacio de Velasco

San-Ignacio-de-Velasco_t-800San Ignacio de Velasco

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The first mission church at San Ignacio de Velasco, founded in 1748, was once the largest and most...

San Miguel de Velasco

San-Miguel-de-Velasco_t-800San Miguel de Velasco

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Sleepy San Miguel hides in the scrub, 37km from San Ignacio. Its church was founded in 1721 and is...

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