B, Salar de Uyuni

- Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni

Salar-de-Uyuni-aBolivia, Salar de Uyuni

An evocative and eerie sight, the world’s largest salt flat (12,106 sq km) sits at 3653m (11,984ft). When the...

Los Lípez

Los-Lpez_tonemappedLos Lípez

Entering the remote and beautiful region of Los Lípez on the second day of the standard Southwest Circuit, many tours pass through...



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Many tours spend the first night in the handful of salt hotels around the village of Chuvica that sits on the...

Tunupa & Coquesa

Tunupa--Coquesa_t-800Tunupa & Coquesa

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A rounded promontory juts into the Salar de Uyuni diagonally opposite Colchani, and on it rises Volcán...

Isla Incahuasi

Isla-Incahuasi_to-800Isla Incahuasi

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After stopping in the Cementerio de Trenes and Colchani salt extraction areas, you can visit a Salt Hotel...