B, South Central Bolivia

El Valle De la Concepción

El-Valle-De-la-ConcepcinEl Valle De la Concepción

The Concepción Valley, or simply ‘El Valle,’ is the heart of Bolivian wine and singani production. The village...

Reserva Biológica Cordillera de Sama

Reserva-Biolgica-Cordillera-de-SamaReserva Biológica Cordillera de Sama

The Sama Biological Reserve protects representative samples of both the Altiplano and inter-Andean...



Oruro is dirty, crowded, the food sucks and there’s not much to do outside of Carnaval season. Yet, there’s something about this...

San Jacinto Reservoir

San-Jacinto-Reservoir_to-800San Jacinto Reservoir

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If you’re hot in Tarija and after some aquatic refreshment, go to the 17 sq km reservoir, 7km...

Padcaya & Chaguaya

Chaguaya_to-800Padcaya & Chaguaya

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Visiting Padcaya, south of Tarija, brings full meaning to the old saying that ‘it’s better to...

San Lorenzo

San-Lorenzo-TarijaSan Lorenzo

San Lorenzo (population 21,400), 15km north of Tarija along the Tupiza road, is a quaint colonial village with cobbled streets...

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