B, The Cordilleras & Yungas



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Ancohuma is the highest peak in the Sorata Massif, towering on the remote northern edge of the Cordillera Real...



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Perched scenically on the side of a hill, this peaceful little town is the capital of the Sud Yungas. It’s a...

Aucapata & Iskanwaya

Aucapata--Iskanwaya_to-800Aucapata & Iskanwaya

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The tiny, remote village of Aucapata is about as far off the beaten track as most people will get...

Condoriri Massif

Condoriri-Massif_ton-800Condoriri Massif

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The massif known as Condoriri is actually a cluster of 13 peaks ranging in height from 5100m to 5648m...



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All buses between La Paz and the lowlands pass through uninspiring Caranavi, a bare-brick town midway between...

Cordillera Quimsa Cruz

Cordillera-Quimsa-Cruz_t-800Cordillera Quimsa Cruz

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The Cordillera Quimsa Cruz, although close to La Paz, is a largely undiscovered wilderness of...

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