B, The Southwest Circuit

- Bolivia, The Southwest Circuit

Southwest-Circuit_t-800Bolivia, The Southwest Circuit

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Bolivia’s southwestern corner is an awe-inspiring­ collection of harsh, diverse...

Isla Cáscara de Huevo

Isla-Cscara-de-HuevoIsla Cáscara de Huevo

The small 'Eggshell Island' was named for the broken shells of birds’ eggs that litter it. It lies near the southern...



Many tours spend the first night in the handful of salt hotels around the village of Chuvica that sits on the eastern edge of the salt...

Isla Incahuasi

Isla-Incahuasi_tonIsla Incahuasi

After stopping in the Cementerio de Trenes and Colchani salt extraction areas, you can visit a Salt Hotel (admission B$25)...

Huaca Huañusca & San Vicente

San-Vicente_tonemappedHuaca Huañusca & San Vicente

November 4, 1908, Robert LeRoy Parker (Butch Cassidy) and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (the Sundance Kid) pulled off...

Lípez Lakes

Lpez-Lakes_ton-800Lípez Lakes

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The blue lake of Laguna Celeste or, more romantically, ‘heaven lake,’ is still very much a peripheral...

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