Northern Patagonia

- Northern Patagonia

Northern-Patagonia-800Northern Patagonia

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People generally assume that Southern Patagonia is the most desolate and pristine part of Chile. Try...

Chile Chico

Chile-Chico-800Chile Chico

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Bordering Argentina, this pint-sized orchard town occupies the windy southern shore of Lago General Carrera. A...



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Ancud (Spanish pronunciation: [aŋˈkuð]) is a city in southern Chile located in the northernmost part of the...

Cochrane, Chile

Cochrane-Chile_tonCochrane, Chile

An old ranching outpost, Cochrane is the southern hub of the Carretera Austral. The new bustling of industry comes in...

Caleta Tortel

Caleta-Tortel_ton-800Caleta Tortel

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A network of creaky boardwalks tracing the milky waters of the glacier-fed sound, Caleta Tortel feels...



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Coihaique (Spanish pronunciation: [koiˈaike]), also spelled Coyhaique in Patagonia, is the capital city of...

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