Southern Patagonia

- Southern Patagonia

Southern-Patagonia-800Southern Patagonia

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Mysterious, storied Patagonia may claim the lower third of Chile, but the heart and the ethos of the...



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Hard to believe, but this rugged, weather-battered land has actually been inhabited for hundreds, if not...

Cabo Froward

Cabo-Froward_ton-800Cabo Froward

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The most southerly point on the continent, Cabo Froward (Cape Froward) is 90km south of Punta Arenas and...

Monumentos históricos Nacionales Puerto Hambre & Fuerte Bulnes

Puerto-Hambre_to-800Monumentos históricos Nacionales Puerto Hambre & Fuerte Bulnes

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These two national monuments make up Parque Historia...

Cueva del Milodón

Cueva-del-Milodn.jpg-800Cueva del Milodón

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In the 1890s German pioneer Hermann Eberhard discovered the partial remains of an enormous ground sloth...

Parque Nacional Bernardo O'Higgins

PN-Bernardo-OHiggins_to-800Parque Nacional Bernardo O'Higgins

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Virtually inaccessible, O'Higgins remains an elusive cache of glaciers. As it can be...

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