Cuba, Camagüey Province

Brasil, Cuba

Brasil-CubaBrasil, Cuba

A once vibrant, now sleepy, former sugar town situated halfway between Morón and Nuevitas, Brasil is the gateway to the...

Florida , Cuba

Florida--CubaFlorida , Cuba

A million metaphoric miles from Miami, the hard-working sugar-mill town of Florida, 46km northwest of Camagüey on the way to...



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Welcome to the maze. Caught inadvertently in the tide of history, Camagüey is a Latin American city without...



Guáimaro would be just another nameless Cuban town if it wasn't for the famous Guáimaro Assembly of April 1869, which approved the...

Cayo Sabinal

Cayo-Sabinal_ton-800Cayo Sabinal

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Cayo Sabinal, 22km to the north of Nuevitas, is virgin territory, a 30km-long coral key with marshes favored...



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Minas, 60km northeast of Camagüey en route to Nuevitas, is notable only for the musical-instrument factory that...

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