Cuba, Santiago de Cuba Province



Chivirico, 75km southwest of Santiago de Cuba and 106km east of Marea del Portillo, is the only town of any significance on the...

El Uvero

El-Uvero_to-800El Uvero

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A major turning point in the revolutionary war took place in this nondescript settlement, situated 23km west of...

El Cobre

El-Cobre_ton-800El Cobre

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The Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Cobre, high on a hill 20km northwest of Santiago de Cuba on the old road to...

La Gran Piedra

La-Gran-Piedra_toLa Gran Piedra

Crowned by a 63,000-ton boulder that sits perched like a grounded asteroid high above the Caribbean, the Cordillera de la Gran...

El Saltón

El-Salton_toneEl Saltón

Basking in its well-earned eco-credentials, El Saltón is a tranquil mountain escape in the Tercer Frente municipality, where hills...

Parque Baconao

Parque-Baconao-800Parque Baconao

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Baconao Park is a large park region, located about 20 kilometers away from the city of Santiago de Cuba, with...

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