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Puerto-Rico_tonemapped-800Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico (/ˌpɔrtə ˈriːkoʊ/ or /ˌpwɛərtə ˈriːkoʊ/[note 1], Spanish...

Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Aibonito-Puerto-RicoAibonito, Puerto Rico

Aibonito (Spanish pronunciation: [aiβoˈnito]) is a small mountain town in Puerto Rico located in the Mountain...



Although calling Adjuntas the ‘Switzerland of Puerto Rico’ is a bit of an overstatement, the silhouetted mountains which surround...



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Arecibo (Spanish pronunciation: [aɾeˈsiβo]) is a municipality in the northern midwest coast of Puerto Rico...

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Aguadilla-Puerto-Rico-800Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

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Aguadilla (Spanish pronunciation: [aɣwaˈðiʎa]), founded in 1775 by Luis de Córdova, is a...

Arroyo, Puerto Rico

Arroyo-Puerto-RicoArroyo, Puerto Rico

Arroyo (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈroʝo]) is a municipality located along the southern coast of Puerto Rico and...

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