Al-Dakhiliyah Region

- Al-Dakhiliyah Region

Al-Dakhiliyah-Region-01-800Al-Dakhiliyah Region

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Nizwa Fort

Nizwa is the largest city in the Al Dakhiliyah region in Oman and used to be the capital of...

Birkat al-Mawz

Birkat-al-Mawz_to-800Birkat al-Mawz

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The name of this village roughly translates as ‘Banana Pool’ – a suitable name, as a quick drive...



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This venerable village at the foot of the Hajar Mountains is one of the oldest in Oman, and is interesting for...



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Rising without competition from the surrounding plain, Jabrin Castle is an impressive sight. Even if you have seen...



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Ask anyone in Oman what Bahla means to them and historians will single it out for its fort, expats for its...

Jebel Akhdar

Jebel-Akhdar.-02Jebel Akhdar

The Jebel Akhdar, Jabal Akhdar or Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Arabic: الجبل الأخضر ‎ meaning The Green Mountain), is part of...

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