Around Muscat



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There’s not much to the scenically appointed village of Al-Seifa, resting in the shadow of the Hajar Mountains...



There are a number of features to enjoy in this attractive fishing village an hour’s drive east of Muscat. Sights include the...

Bandar Jissah

Bandar-Jissah-800Bandar Jissah

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Until recently, Bandar Jissah was no more than a rocky promontory with a small, inaccessible beach. It is...



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If you are looking to experience a typical Omani town close to Muscat that barely sees a tourist, you can’t do...

Bandar Khayran

Bandar-KhayranBandar Khayran

It’s worth driving for at least 30 minutes along the Yitti to Al-Seifa road to get a flavour of the inlets or khors that make...

Wadi Mayh

Wadi-Mayh_t-800Wadi Mayh

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For a taste of a typical Omani wadi within an afternoon’s drive of Muscat, look no further than Wadi Mayh...

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