Haraz Mountains

- Haraz Mountains

Haraz-MountainsHaraz Mountains

Jabal Haraz is a picturesque mountain region of Yemen, between Sana'a and al-Hudayda. In the 11th century it was the stronghold...



The bustling market town of Al-Mahwit is the largest of the mountain towns to the west of the capital, but it has little to offer the...

Al Hajjarah

Al-HajjarahAl Hajjarah

Al Hajjarah sometimes spelled Al Hajarah or Al Hajjara, is a village in Yemen. It is located in the Manakhah District of the...



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About halfway between Shibam and Al-Mahwit is the village of At-Tawila. The village, and its tumbling terraced...

Al-Khutayb, Al-Hoteib

Al-Hoteib_tonAl-Khutayb, Al-Hoteib

Lying 6km south of Manakhah and perched on a solitary hilltop is the pilgrimage site of Al-Khutayb (Al-Hoteib)...



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Although similar in style and architecture to Thilla (and lying 10km away), Hababah has a special feature: a...

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