- Tihamah


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Tihamah or Tihama (Arabic: تهامة‎ Tihāmah) is a region in the west of present-day Saudi Arabia. It is...



Ask most people what mocha means and they’ll instantly reply, ‘coffee’ or ‘Starbucks’. So it’s somewhat ironic that...

Al Hudaydah

Al-Hudaydah-01-800Al Hudaydah

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Al Hudaydah (also called Hudaida or Hodeidah) (Arabic: الحديدة‎) is the fourth largest city in Yemen...

Jabal Bura

Jabal-Bura_to-800Jabal Bura

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Butting outward and upward into the pancake flat Tihama, Jabal Bura (2271m) is where the Haraz Mountains give a...



Touted with pride by Yemenis, Al-Khawkha was once an important coffee-exporting port, but today it’s Yemen’s answer to the...

Kamaran Island

Kamaran-Island-800Kamaran Island

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Tantalising the adventurous with thoughts of pristine reefs and ancient tales of pirates, smugglers and...

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