North Korea

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north-korea-01-800North Korea

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North Korea - Kim Il-Sung and his son Kim Jung-Il.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK...

Mount Myohyang

Mount-Myohyang_tonMount Myohyang

Mount Myohyang and the pristine surrounding area of hills, mountain trails and waterfalls (completely untouched by mass...

Kim Il Sung Square

Kim-Il-Sung-SquareKim Il Sung Square

This vast plaza would be the packed hub of any other world capital, but Pyongyang's central square and marching ground is...

Paekdusan, Mount Paekdu

PaekdusanPaekdusan, Mount Paekdu

Mt Paekdusan

The natural beauty of the extinct volcano now containing one of the world’s deepest lakes is made all...

Mansudae Grand Monument

Mansudae-Grand-MonumentMansudae Grand Monument

Lonely Planet review

The first stop on every visitor's trip will be to this larger-than-life bronze statue of the Great...



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Pyongyang Skyline I

The view of Pyongyang from the Juche Tower. Looking towards the Ryugyong Hotel, dominating...

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