Siberia tribes

- Siberia tribes

Siberia-tribes_tone-800Siberia tribes

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Including the Russian Far East, the population...

Turkic, Altai people

Altai_tonemappedAltai  people

Altai (also Altay) is Turkic language, spoken officially in the Altai Republic...

Mongolic people

Mongolic_tone-aMongolic people

The Mongolic languages are a group of languages spoken in East-Central Asia...

Turkic, Chulyms people

Chulyms_tonemappedChulyms people

The Chulyms, also Chulym Tatars, (Чулымцы in Russian; self-designation...

Tungusic people


The Tungusic languages /tʊŋˈɡuːsɨk/ (also known as Manchu-Tungus, Tungus) form...

Turkic, Dolgans people

Dolgans_tonemappedDolgans people

Dolgans (Russian: долганы; self-designation: долган, тыа-кихи...

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