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Hualien-CoastEast Taiwan


For many travellers, a love affair with the east coast begins with a journey to Taroko Gorge. Wandering this bedazzling...

Fuyuan Forest Recreational Area

Fuyuan-800Fuyuan Forest Recreational Area

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In the late 19th and early 20th century Taiwan dominated the world market of camphor...



Chihpen Hot Springs

The town of Chihpen is famous for the Chihpen Hot Springs (Zhīběn Wēnquán), one of Taiwan’s oldest hot...

Highway 11

Highway-11-800Highway 11

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Two main routes run north–south along the east coast – whichever road you choose to travel will make all...



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Years ago, the tiny town of Dulan (Dūlán) hardly merited a nod as you passed by on the way south. But in recent...

Highway 9 & The East Rift Valley

East-Rift-Valley-800Highway 9 & The East Rift Valley

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Highway 9 is the main transport artery through the East Rift Valley, a long alluvial...

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